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Extra Wide Bike Shoes. Recumbent Stationary Bike. Fix A Bike Tire.

Extra Wide Bike Shoes

extra wide bike shoes

    bike shoes
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DIY Mudflap.

DIY Mudflap.

The SKS fenders that came with the Schwinn Voyageur frame I bought recently are short. Way too short. On really rainy days, it seems they are designed to spray tons of water onto my shoes. This could not stand. So, on November 2nd, I grabbed a coroplast campaign sign ("Yes on 1098") and tonight I finally got around to making a big mudflap. It provides and extra seven inches of coverage beyond the fender, and is a healthy six inches wide at the bottom. I haven't ridden it yet, but the additional TCO* seems to be minimal. I tried doing this a few years ago with stair tread rubber, but the result was not terribly effective. The flexible rubber blew up and interfered with my pedaling. Hopefully the stiffer plastic will not do the same, but will have enough elasticity to not break too soon.

Total time: ten minutes. Total cost: $.10 for the zip tie.
*Toe Clip Overlap

bikes and feet and feet and bikes

bikes and feet and feet and bikes

day one into the katy trail ride. happy bikes happy feet happy h & j :D

extra wide bike shoes

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